Product Catalog for 3M ESPE Solutions for Dentistry

Scientific Studies

 Adper™ Easy Bond Self-etch Adhesive
Document/null (1227.0 K)
 Adper™ Prompt™ Scientific Results
Document/null (437.0 K)
 Characterization of Quick Setting Polyether Impression Material
Document/Data Sheets (171.0 K)
 Filtek™ LS Low Shrinkage Posterior Restorative
Document/null (4719.0 K)
 Filtek™ Supreme Plus Universal Restorative Scientific Results
Document/null (947.0 K)
 Flow Properties of Light Bodied Impression Materials
Document/Data Sheets (234.0 K)
 Hydrophilicity of Precision Impression Materials
Document/Data Sheets (303.0 K)
 IADR Scientific Facts - 2009
Document/Brochures (1655.0 K)
 IADR Scientific Facts 2008
Document/Brochures (1577.0 K)
 IADR Scientific Facts 2010
Document/Brochures (5787.0 K)
 IADR Scientific Facts 2011
Document/Brochures (2301.0 K)
 Impregum™ Polyether Impression Material Scientific Results
Document/null (1236.0 K)
 Lava™ Crowns and Bridges Marginal Fit
Document/null (569.0 K)
 Lava™ Zirconia for Implant Abutments
Document/null (550.0 K)
 Lava™ Zirconia is Not Alike
Document/null (354.0 K)
 Lava™ Zirconia Scientific Facts
Document/null (2080.0 K)
 MDI Literature Review
Document/Brochures (903.0 K)
 RelyX™ Unicem Self-Adhesive Resin Cement Scientific Update
Document/null (991.0 K)
 Zirconia-supported Ceramic Restorations
Document/Brochures (732.0 K)

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