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Lava™ Ceram Overlay Porcelain

Lava™ Ceram Overlay Porcelain




Developed as a part of the Lava™ System, Lava™ Ceram Overlay Porcelain is the choice for restorations that are truly masterpieces.

  • Designed for the Lava™ System and provides proven bond strength to Lava™ Zirconia
  • Unique colored copings let you start with the best possible canvas
  • 23 effect porcelains give you an expanded palette capable of matching virtually any tooth
  • Available in kits designed to fit the way you work

Lava™ Ceram Overlay Porcelain

Lava Ceram is available in kits to fit the way you work.

Lava™ Ceram Overlay Porcelain

Lava™ Ceram Popular Set

Start with most popular shades in 15g bottles to begin creating amazingly natural-looking restorations. Other shades that are not included in the popular set can be purchased separately. Most dentin, enamel and effect porcelains are available in 15g and 50g bottles.

  • 10 Dentin Porcelains (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, B3, C2, D2, W2)
  • 10 Framework Modifiers (same as Dentin shades)
  • 4 Enamel Porcelains (E1, E2, E3, E4)
  • 4 Transparent Opal Porcelains, 2 Enamel Effects Porcelains, 3 Shoulder Ceramics, 2 Correction Porcelains, Transparent-clear and Glaze Modeling Liquid, Shoulder Ceramic Liquid
  • 4 Shade Guides (framework modifier shade guide, Dentin shade guide, enamel shade guide and shoulder/magic intensive shade guide)
  • Lava™ Ceram Shade Combination Table

Lava™ Ceram Overlay Porcelain

Lava™ Ceram Performer Set

The Performer Set contains all 23 of our new effect porcelains in 15g bottles.

  • 6 High-Fluorescent Dentin Porcelains (Flu In)
  • 4 Opaque Dentin Porcelains (OD)
  • 2 High Translucent Opal Porcelains (ICE)
  • 4 High Opalescent Translucent Porcelains (Nature)
  • 3 Cervical Incisal Transparent Porcelains (CI)
  • 2 Gingiva Porcelains
  • Modelling Liquid, 40ml
  • Lava™ Ceram Performer Set Shade Guide

Lava™ Ceram Overlay Porcelain

Lava™ Ceram Pop Art Set

The Pop Art Set is designed for high-end esthetic effects used to create a truly individual, beautiful and detailed restorations.

  • 10 Magic Intensive Shades, 5g
  • 10 Stains, 5g
  • Glaze, 15g
  • Modeling Fluid, 40m
  • Stain/Glaze Liquid, 40ml

Lava™ Ceram Trial Kit

The trial kit is designed to give you a taste of what you can acheive with Lava™ Ceram.

  • Framework Modifier MO A2, 15g
  • Dentin Porcelain, D A2, 15g
  • Enamel Porcelain, E2, 15g
  • Clear, 15g
  • Cervical Incisal Transparent Porcelain in Lychee(CI 1), 15g
  • High Opalescent Translucent Nature in Snow (N4), 15g
  • Modeling liquid, 40ml

VITA is a registered trademark of Zahnfabrik H Rauter GmbH & Co KG.

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