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Water Issues
Enjoy Great Tasting Water
You and your family deserve

Remove chlorine, impurities, rust and sediments
Remove bad taste and odor
Reduce bacteria and virus

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Why Filter Your Water

Most municipalities add chlorine to their water to help ensure its healthiness, but this can result in a less than desirable taste. 3M Water Filtration quality water systems from 3M Purification Inc. are designed to ensure that you and your family enjoy better tasting, higher quality drinking water, while also reducing the various undesirable elements that may be present in hard water – including iron, calcium, sediment and rust.

3M Water Filtration water systems consist of two primary components: the water conditioning system and the drinking water filtration system. These two systems in your home will not only help improve your water, they will also help improve your way of life.

Improve taste Improve taste of food and beverages
  • Eliminates the need for expensive and bulky store-bought or delivered bottled water
  • Helps to protect expensive plumbing fixtures from scale build-up, which reduces water flow and pressure

Reduce dry skin Reduce dry skin and hair
  • Reduce dry skin and hair, leaving them softer and smoother
  • Reduce soap scum and residue build-up on showers, tubs and sinks, saving cleaning time and costs by up to 70%

Increase water efficiency Increase water efficiency
  • Achieve up to 30% water efficiency by reducing scale build up with filtered water for your laundry, plumbing and appliances
  • Save money by reducing overall soap and detergent use
  • Remove spots, streaks and soap scum on dishes, glassware, silverware, fixtures, tubs and shower enclosures

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